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Digital Composite Cards

Digital Composite Cards
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Suitable for all Windows-based PC's. and much more. SUPPORTS WINDOWS AND MAC. DNL eBooks created using DeskTop Author run on Windows (including Windows 7 RC1) and Apple Macs (Intel).

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Model Calendars


Model Portfolios

Need "New" or Updated Photos? Need a Portfolio?
Check out our Accredited Photographers to find someone in your area.
These Photographers have applied for Accreditation, Submitted Samples of their Work, Supplied Model Testimonials from at least 3 Models that they have worked with, and agreed to conduct themselves Professionally at all times.

Model Zone Profile Page Shoots

Would you like your own Profile Page on Model Zone?
Access to Exclusive Work and Opportunities?
Check out the Accredited Photographer Profiles to find a Photographer in your area can shoot and access you to your own Profile Page on the Model Zone Website. 
For the Coffs Harbour Area. Contact Peter Rollans.
Only $150 for 12 Months Exposure an access to Work and Opportunities.
(Does not include Photo Shoot)
Photographer Rates May Vary.

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